移民打分标准(Immigration Scoring Standard)


萨省省提名移民项目(Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program, SINP),是基于加拿大联邦政府和萨省政府协商基础上制定的,是移民加拿大的快捷方式之一。萨省省提名计划属于优先处理类别,申请时间比其它移民类别快。



因素一: 人才力市场因素
A: 教育背景
Master’s or Doctorate degree, Canadian equivalency23   
Bachelor’s degree OR a three or more year degree program at a university or college20
Trade certification equivalent to journeyperson status in Saskatchewan20

Canadian equivalency Diploma that requires two butless than three years at a university, college, trade or technical school, or other formal post-secondary institution


Canadian equivalency Certificate or at least two semesters but less than

a two year program at a university, college, trade or technical school, or other formal post-secondary institution


B: 技术类工作经验

  • The work experience claimed must be relevant to the single occupation you’ve selected in your application.
  • One year of work experience refers to 12 full months of work experience.
     a) In the 5 year period prior to application submission date 
5 years10
4 years8
3 years6
2 years4
1 year2
     b) In the 6-10 year period prior to application submission date 
5 years5
4 years4
3 years3
2 years2
Less than 1 year0
C: 语言能力 
Check IRCC’s website to convert your IELTS, CELPIP or TEF scores to CLB 4 through 10. 
CLB 8 and higher20
CLB 718
CLB 616
CLB 514
CLB 412
English or French speaker without language test results0
D: 年龄 
< 18 years0
18 – 21 years8
22 – 34 years12
35 – 45 years10
46 – 50 years8
> 50 years0


Points are available for having a strong connection to the Saskatchewan labour market, which shows a genuine intent and ability to successfully settle and economically establish in Saskatchewan as a permanent resident.

The following points are for the Employment Offer subcategory only: 
High skilled employment offer from a Saskatchewan employer30
The following points are for the Occupation In-Demand and Saskatchewan Express Entry subcategories only 
Close family relative in Saskatchewan
(The applicant or accompanying spouse has a family relative that is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident living in Saskatchewan. This includes: parent, sibling, grandparent, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, cousin and step-family members or in-laws of the same relationships. The family members in Saskatchewan must meet the requirements as listed under “Required Documents” for your ISW sub-category)
Past work experience in Saskatchewan
(A minimum of at least 12 months of work in the past five years on a valid work permit)
Past student experience in Saskatchewan
(A minimum of one full-time academic year of study at a recognized Saskatchewan post-secondary education institution on a valid study permit)
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